Projekt Turčianske Teplice-Budapešť

Programme for the Slovak Visitors
22nd - 27th March 2001

22nd (Thursday) meeting the guests at Keleti programmes: individual, with families
23rd (Friday)

8.00 - English lesson
9.00- Meeting with head in his office
10.00 - Biology
11.00 - German (double)
13.00 - H + K : Maths, 116, Emese Gy.
- 1A: English, 110, Veszelinov E.
- 1B: English, 111, Drixler I.
- 1B: English, 109, Mathew
14.00 - Lunch
after lunch: Castle district(Máthás church, National GaleryHalász bástya, Labirinth, Ruszvurm, etc.)

24th (Saturday) 8.30 - Batthyány tér, HÉV to Szentendre (Kovács Margit museum, centre of town, etc.)afternoon - Visegrád by busevening - back by train or bus jazz pub evening
25th (Sunday) free, to be spent with the families
26th (Monday) 9.00 - meeting at Hősök tere; Zoo, Széchenyi fürdő1900 - evening meal at Italian restaurant on Kodály körönd
27th (Tuesday) 6.30 - guests leaving for home from Keleti

Kolektívne foto v hlavnej sále školy. Vľavo dole vidíme pána riaditeľa.
Pohľad na školu z parkoviska pre školou.
Návšteva učebne výtvarnej výchovy. Lístok z výstavy obrazov vo Vysegráde. Celotýždenná pernamentka na akýkoľvek dopravný prostriedok v Budapešti.
Stretnutie pred Hosok tere v pondelok ráno pred návštevou v ZOO. Návšteva ZOO, konkrétne detský park. Kengury - jedna bola tehotná !

Note: Language was not corrected by teachers

Our exchange trip to Budapest


In fact I really enjoyed the trip to Budapest. It was great that we lived in families and I really like kind people in my host family.
The program was also good. I enjoyed most the trip to the ZOO and the disco and playing pool was perfect. I recognized a lot of kind, funny and natural people. I improved my English especially conversation. It is really good for your skills, when you don't have another oportunity to speak, just in English and when you don't know some words. I also like my partner Anita, she is really nice and kind girl.
I have really good memories on this 6-days long trip to Hungary.


I think that the weather was problem, because when we were in Budapest it was raining every day. I was little bit angry, because when we were leaving from Budapest some girls came later, so we missed the train and I didn't play in the volleyball match in our school team.

Jana Ilgová

Note: Language was not corrected by teachers

Hungarian programme

Positive things:

This programme was really interesting for me, because I had to use English everywhere. Even I started to think in English and speak in English with my Slovak friends and I learnt some Hungarian words. We knew the capital city of Hungary - Budapest - a bit. The Hungarian people were very friendly and helpful. We learned about Hungarian culture and a different school system and school rules. Many of us traveled first time by underground.
In our masmedia I heard a lot of political opinions about the Slovaks and the Hungarians. Many people in my country don't like Hungary and the Hungarians (Mainly in the north and middle of the Slovak republic), but it depends: in the south of Slovakia the relationships are very good.
This programme was very useful and helpful for the good between us and the Hungarians.

Negative things:

I think that some Hungarians don't have a sense for fun, because during our visit we were very happy and we laughed a lot and they didn't understand our humor.

Linda Rodičová

Zo začiatku som pochybovala, či to bol dobrý nápad, vziať si domov cudzieho človeka, ktorý ani nehovorí naším jazykom, ale teraz som rada, že som tak napokon urobila. Touto cestou som spoznala veľa skvelých ľudí, ktorých si budem vždy vážiť. Najprv som si každú vetu v duchu prekladala, ale neskôr som zistila, že rozprávam a myslím po anglicky, čo určite znamená pokrok a rozvoj mojich jazykových schopností.

Lucia Neumannová

Note: Language was not corrected by teachers

Dénes Attila

Positive things:

I think they enjoyed everywhere in the downtown. I think the Castle district was a good place and it showed interesting things for our visitors. Váci Street and the bridges were good ideas too. Szentendre didn't give us good weather to look around in the streets. The museums were interesting (the best was the Marcipan museum) The Zoo was great too. The problem was that we hadn't so much time to look each animal. The Zoo is an integresting place and the visitors can spend there a full day! We were ther 6 hours long. The eveningparty in the restaurant was good too. Everybody together. We were a little tired, but the mood was very good.

Negative things:

The lessons in the school weren't the best. My opinion is that they had a lot of English lesson and it is very boring (to me too :-)). They have a lot of spas in Slovakia so there is nothing interesting for them. (O.K. we know that ther are differences between spas...)

The other problems didn't come from the organisation. The first fact is that it was the first meeting with a Slovak school. We had to collect informations about this contact and we had to try it. The first is everytime difficult!
Teachers have to choose students. Student has to behave good. Two cultures meet. We have to take care to each other ond have to fit in with each others way of life. If there are some complications, students can't enjoy the programme!

Odozva z Maďarska

Note: Language was not corrected by teachers

Slovak programme

Positive things:

As far as I'm concerned this programme was very useful, because we had to use English for 4 or 5 days. If we hadn't organized this exchange programme, we couldn't have thought in English, we wouldn't have had to search new English words in the dictionary. I know that we don't speak English on a very high standart, but it was so good.
We knew another culture and we could visit in October some places, which belonged to Hungarians about 100 years ago. During there days we learnt how we should fit in with somebody.

Negative things:

The Slovaks should have known that in Budapest the people have to adapt to the buses, tram, underground and so we have to get up on time in the mornings. They should have understood it too.
It our feelings when the Slovaks laughed about the photos (about our teachers and old students) on the wall and when they made photos about them.